How do you minimize production costs in your growing facility?

One answer: LED grow light
LED grow light is the new black in the horticulture industry. If we go back 3-4 years LED grow light was still in the developing stage. These days the table have turned and LED grow light is finally seeing the “light” of the day in the horticulture industry. The chip of certain LED grow lights on the market today have become so productive that traditional grow lighting now have become a bad investment in the future. When engaging with LED grow lighting technology, you can optimize both energy consumption and plant growth. This can be done by specifying spectrums, for every stage of a plants life and for every specific plant, which was only a dream not long ago.

LED grow lights is now double as efficient as traditional grow lights when using the right LED grow lighting . When compairing micromole intensity of LED grow lights (3.7 umol/j) with the intensity of traditional grow lighting (1.9 umol/j), we find that traditional grow lighting is about half as intense while the plant wont use half of the lighting in traditional grow lighting because of the wrong spectrum.

The other part of why LED grow lighting is becoming more efficient is the heat production. Traditional High Pressure Sodium grow light is using 90% of its energy to produce heat, while the number of the LED grow lights is only about 70% that is lost and converted into heat. This can save you big amounts of energy costs on your ventilation system, because it does not need to be as big as traditionally when using LED grow lights. While the technology of LED grow lights is becoming better the newest edition of lights is produced in water cooled solutions. This will decrease the need for ventilation substantially, when you can remove excess heat produced by the grow lights, that normally would be produced in the facility. Instead the water cooling devices will be mounted on the roof or outside the growing space.

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