Increasing productivity with vertical farming.

When you utilize your full productivity by engaging in vertical farming technology, you can increase it by a factor of 4 to 6 times depending on your crop. This number is the averagde, to give you an example, it can be increased by up to 30 times when growing strawberries! If you utilize a 30 story building of 2 hectares, Dickson Despommier predict you can harvest as much food, as when growing on 1000 hectares of traditional farm land! When growing indoor in non-tropical areas these results can continue all year around.

On a global scale we see that about 30% of the total harvested crops are going to waste, due to infestation and spoilage, however this number is greatly reduced in developed countries. With vertical farming the distance from production, to end consumer is greatly reduced. This way we can minimize wasting the resources of the planet, and begin producing healthy and sustainable food in areas with high population growth without increasing our footprint on the enviroment.

When compairing the nutrient and waste water used for producing the same food in traditional farmed land and vertical farms. We see a big waste in traditional farmed land. Vertical farms will use about 90% less water while the nutrient uptake is much higher and can be regulated and reused. This is not possible using traditional farming methods.

It is a very important factor in indoor farming that the whole enviroment can be controlled. This optimizes the growth, nutrient uptake and efficiency of the grow lighting. Without these factors, vertical farming would be very unpredictable. However you can make it so predictable that you will know your excact productivity because the enviroment, fertigation and lighting is in your control.

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