Vertical farming: a modern way of optimizing growing space

Vertical farming term was first introduced in 1915 in the book “Vertical Farming” by Gilbert Ellis. The book was describing the vertical life of plant life relating to soil, nutrient and underground root structure.

The modern idea of Vertical farming was introduced in 1999 at Columbia Univeristy by Ecologist Dickson Despommier. He got the idea by thinking how he could cultivate massive plant life in city skyscapers, reducing the area of land needed to produce food or medicine. This idea will use substantially less energy and cause very little polution compared to natural farming methods. If the whole worlds food production will be grown this way, the natural land will return into forests and help reverse climate change and the impact it has.

The idea of vertical farming has gotten much tracktion since the introduction of the idea. Many food and medicine producers with greenhouses or indoor growing facilities are integrating the method into creating better and more efficient production facilities. These new facilities are producing salad and other greens at stagering low productioncosts. Growing food this way minimizes the effort needed, when combining it with hydroponics, aquaponics or aeroponics.

The growing trend in vertical farming in urban areas, is stacking shipping containers specifically modified for food production with the right climate control. These containers are produced such that plants can grow vertical inside with automated watering systems. A modified grow container will recycle water and minimize waste using filter systems to keep everything clean. The container will be filled with small plants and closed up until it is time for harvest, this way you require the least amount of human interaction and can futher reduce productioncosts. We also deliver these setups.

The LED technology is essential to the growing industry of vertical farming. Flourescent grow lights was used in the beginning of vertical farming, however the new LED grow light can reach a efficiency much higher. Therefore the new LED grow light produce more food using less electricity. With LED grow light you can adjust the intensity and different spectrums which will optimise your growth of your plants. By giving your plants the right grow light, fertigation and climate you will maximize your productivity. With these factors combined with vertical farming you will reach the full potential of your production capabilities.

Food miles between the food production and end consumer, will be greatly reduced using this method of bringing food to the table, to the millions of people living in big cities around the world. If you are living in a big city or not, vertical farming can increase your production capabilities and expand your market exponentially. Vertical farming will be a growing trend the coming years. The farmers who change part of their production today, will be on the forefront, when no more farm land is available and the only way to expand, is growing higher in the air or lower into the ground using vertical farming methods.

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